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Hearing Aid Practitioners:
Are You Seeing Solid Store Traffic – Everyday?

The sad fact is many hearing aid prospects consider hearing quality a discretionary expense rather than an investment in an improved quality of life.

HearingTutor.com Will:

• Educate your prospects on the value of improved hearing.

• Provide low-cost, customizable marketing materials with a license to use these materials to drive traffic to your outlet or office.

• Integrate a website that'll bring in prospects from your service region through local, web-based search engine features.

• Introduce you to helpful associates that will increase margins through improved productivity – everything from appointment scheduling software to new contacts from hearing aid manufacturers eager to become part of your product line.

• Show you how to survive and even thrive in difficult economic times.

• Enable your client-customers to finance their hearing aid through your outlet. This helps your clientele while delivering passive interest income to your business.

Hearing Tutor

Hello, and welcome to HearingTutor.com – the only web resource dedicated to the private hearing aid practitioner, and the professional who owns one or a dozen hearing aid retail outlets.

My name is John M. Adams III and I've had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals with hearing loss lead higher quality lives through the use of the highest  quality hearing aids.

In the process, I built four hearing aid businesses to profitability during both good and difficult economic times.


Now, more than ever, marketing your store, your quality of service, your range of products and price points – now is the time to market your outlets within your service region.

And That's How HearingTutor.com Helps You
And Your Business

It would cost you at least $3,000 to hire a professional writer and book designer to prepare a consumers' guide for your prospects.

At hearingtutor.com,
that consumer's guide
costs you $19.95 with the license to print as many copies as you'd like for your hearing aid prospects.

Even better, this promo can be completely customized with your business' name at the top of the front page.

But the benefits you'll discover at hearingtutor.com don't stop there.

We offer sell sheets, informational content designed to educate consumers, appointment reminder cards, press releases, advertisements for insertion in local media and other useful tools to build your business without spending a bundle on marketing.

Look, you know your service region better than anyone. And you know what your business needs to stay in business!

And so do I. That's why I created hearingtutor.com. To help the independent hearing aid practitioner grow while delivering higher levels of client care at an affordable price.

When you download any marketing product from hearingtutor.com you not only save money on marketing costs, you know that the content is accurate and on-point when it comes to marketing and promoting hearing aids. Indeed, as professionals we know that quality hearing is a quality of life issue.

And that's what your outlets market. Improved quality of life.

To download your customizable consumers' guide, with a license to print as many copies as you can give away, simply visit our Marketing Downloads page.

Save marketing dollars, educate your prospects and close the sale with marketing collaterals from Hearing Tutor.

To your continued success,

John M. Adams III, Owner

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Hearing Tutor - John Adams, III

John M. Adams, III

Hearing Aid Tutor

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