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About John M. Adams, III

Welcome to Hearing Tutor where you’ll find all of the information you need to hear better longer.

Our sense of hearing, along with smell, taste, touch and sight, enable us to enjoy the world to the fullest. We enjoy the sounds of the rustling leaves or the quiet whisper of a child. Without our ability to hear, the world would be a bleaker place.

Maybe you’ve noticed a shift in your own hearing. Things sound a little muffled or distant. It’s difficult to hear in a large, noisy crowd and the TV has to be turned up LOUD just so you can hear it.

Hearing Health: Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone
The better you take care of your hearing today, the better you’ll hear tomorrow and into the future. Here, you’ll learn the best, safest practices for healthy ear care.

You’ll also be able to download our consumer’s guide to buying the right hearing aid for you. It’s free, and it’ll get you pointed in the right direction when you begin your journey to better hearing through modern technology.

No strings. No fees. Nothing but solid, hearing information from John M. Adams, III who has spent 30 plus years helping people just like you.

Stick around and learn what you’ve been missing. You’re going to love what you hear.

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